Rates & Fees

is forever available to you at no cost. is not a lender nor a lending partner and does not offer lender services straight to customers. Taking into consideration the info you provide, goes through its database of lenders and lending partners in order to link you to one that will be the best match for your needs. The Truth in Lending Act demands that lenders give a clear picture of all loan charges that might occur. All charges and tariffs info should be presented to you on behalf of the lender or lending partner at the time of getting the grant. After the decision is made by the lender or lending partner, the majority of lenders or lending partners will send you to a platform for e-signing. This platform is sent to you by the lender or lending partner to which you were linked.

Complete Disclosure of Provisions

The lender or lending partner will give you the documentation that displays all charges and tariff details related to the loan that was suggested by the lender or lending partner. Make sure to carefully go through the tariffs and charges details contained in the papers that were sent to you by your lender or lending partner prior to accepting the provisions of the loan. You are not obliged to agree to these provisions. Should you find the loan terms laid out in the lender or lending partner agreement suitable, and you decide to carry on with the loan procedure, leave your electronic signature on the age and expect the transfer of monies.

The loan charges and commissions are defined only by your lender or lending partner, and the exact amounts depend on the details you have sent to your lender or lending partner. does not have any insight into or holds any information on the loan specifications between yourself and your lender or lending partner. You are not obliged to carry on with the application if you realize that the provisions offered by the specific lender or lending partner acceptable for you.

Terms on Delayed Payments

Lenders and lending partners have different terms when it comes to delayed payments. Make sure to go through the delayed payment terms in the loan documentation given to you by your lender or lending partner prior to e-signing, which would mean accepting the loan provisions. Nevertheless, all lenders and lending partners have to comply with the applicable laws, terms, and rules when it comes to delayed payment.

Missing Payment Terms

Extra fees and charges might be applied in a situation where you are not able to pay back your loan. tends to act in good faith and work only with renowned lenders and lending partners who are committed to going after overdue payments in a manner that is fair and reasonable.

Loan Renewal Policy

Loan renewal policies are determined mostly by the state regulatory legislation. In states where the loan extensions or extension of the paybacks are legit, the commissions together with late charges that might arise can result in a significant extra amount to the final amount of your loan.

*NOTE - these comments are not an attempt for legal advice, so they might not be according to the current regulations at all times. Should you have a particular uncertainty regarding the regulations that apply to you, make sure to contact your lender straight away or ask for legal assistance. Some states do not have statutory provisions that refer to personal loans.